joi, iulie 26, 2007

Bulgaria - Bapha

Just a few pictures taken in Varna. Beautiful city, with almost 500.000 people in it. Kind of crowded, but nothing compared with our beloved capital (Bucharest). The center has narrow
streets, where you have to be very careful not to be hit by a car. That because bulgarian drivers are very careless. Instead a few minor things like that, it was a pleasure walking in the 3km long park, or visiting Acvarium or Delphinarium.

Compliments to Sveto and his wife, and Bravo band.

Bulgaria - Golden Sands

VIKI boat...

luni, iulie 09, 2007

Zona industriala

Candva un gigant industrial in sudul tarii, acum o ruina demna de filme SF...
Singura animatie de care mai are parte sunt paznicii, o mana de oameni care lucreaza la intretinere si masinile cu tineri ce traverseaza combinatul ca sa ajunga la una din plajele de pe malul Dunarii.